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Body soaps are fixtures in any bathroom. It is practically impossible to shower without body soaps, unless of course, you use body wash. In any case, body soaps are not created equal. There are body soaps that are merely fragrances in a bar. These would sometimes lack the cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising features that are also important in body soaps.

In local grocery stores, beauty bars, and skincare outlets, you'll find a wide array of beauty soaps that come in different prices, sizes, shapes, and brands. When planning to buy one, it's best to look for the five skin health essentials: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, nourishing, and protecting. Body soaps may be made of organic shea butter, a mix of unique flowers, organic herbs, and plant oil. Body soaps that are nondrying and help remove buildup in clogged pores are great to use.

Body soaps may be scented or unscented. Body soaps made of natural ingredients may also use unique blends of scents other than moisturising oils and vitamins. Most body soaps are known for their citrus scents and floral fragrances.

Designer brands also came up with their own perfumed body soaps. Perfumed body soaps are known for being luxuriously creamy, leaving you with silky smooth skin through regular use. These body soaps may smell of vanilla or orange flower. However, expect these soaps to be a bit pricey than regular ones. They are usually a part of the designer brand's beauty kit, which usually includes lotion and other skincare products.

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